What to Do and What Not to Do on the First Date

When you do go on your date, you will want to make a good first impression. Disregard, all correspondence over the phone or over the computer-this, is the real thing so be on time. Being on time communicates that you value your date’s time and that this date is important to you. You do not even have to say anything. Your actions will speak louder than your words.

Dress for the occasion as well. Don’t show up in pajamas or in your around-the-house clothes. Put on your Sunday best even if you are going for a cup of coffee. That too will communicate that oyu value your date and that you care enough to dress up.

Startup the conversation with questions that draw out answers besides yes or no responses. It is easier to keep the conversation going when you ask something like, “what do you like to do in your free time?” rather than “do you like to paint?” Both are good questions, but one is clearly better because there will be more to talk about. Let your date tell you about herself rather than you trying to draw it out of her.

Do not bring up your ex. Ever. It is probably the biggest no-no when it comes to dating and is a total buzz kill. Just do not do it. Do not forget to have fun and stay off your phone. Better yet, put your phone on silent. Also, you will want to avoid any political or “hot” topics or any other controversial topics. At least on the first date. Don’t let your differences come between you and ruin the mood. If all goes well and you hit it off, you will be on future dates, and there is plenty of time to talk about that kind of stuff later. You don’t need to discuss it on a first date.